Why? Because of Christian nationalism.

I'm Susan Rinkunas, a freelance reporter covering abortion, reproductive health, and politics. I am a contributing writer at Jezebel—yes, the site relaunched!—and my work has appeared in Slate, The Guardian, The New Republic, Elle, Marie Claire, and more. I've also been on staff at Vice, The Cut, and a bunch of health publications.

My independent newsletter is called Body Politic because I write about bodily autonomy and the people and powers that shape it. I'll be writing here at least once per week while I continue to freelance until some very smart outlet hires me to report on abortion full-time.


The vast majority of content here will be free, however, people who are able to support with paid subscriptions will be a big help to me, a person who was laid off and now has to buy marketplace health insurance. Important note: I'd ask that anyone who's interested in a paid subscription but who doesn't already make a monthly recurring donation (however small!) to an abortion fund or practical support org, please give some money there first. Donations have dried up and these groups need your help more than ever. If you can swing a paid sub with me after that, great :)

You can become a paid subscriber right here. Thank you, thank you. And thank you to everyone who reads and shares my work.

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